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Cheng Man Ching Legacy weekend camp
From Saturday 05 August 2017 -  09:30am
To Sunday 06 August 2017 - 05:00pm
Contact mark peters 07831 743737

Tai Chi camp 2016


Every year we like to celebrate Prof. Cheng Man Ching's life and the great art of tai chi he shared with us.


This years focus will be on Gettin’ the TRUE measure of it all as this has been the most requested across the classes; understanding correct form movement to truly apply form and function. We will work on not just the shape of the postures but the underlying function. We will look at the tai chi classics and apply them to whole body movement, intrinsic strength, kinetic and potential energy, spatial awareness, agility, and mindfulness. The weekend is open to all levels and will give everyone a chance to deepen their knowledge and love for the art of tai chi chuan


Saturday 5th will focus on Chi-Kung (qigong) and Tai Chi structure, or as my wife likes to call it “Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy”.

We will look at the natural elastic strength of muscles and tendons when in correct alignment. A stretching muscle is up to 10 times stronger than a contracting muscle. By applying the intrinsic strength of relaxed compression all strain is released from the body and able to be directed where needed. Contraction causes stresses in your body and restricts natural flow.

The day will focus on developing natural flow and harnessing natural elastic energy both for self-defence (martial) and self-defence (life balance).


Sunday 6thWill be Weapons Day. I will be teaching tai chi staff form and applications for balance and footwork. The form is relatively simple to learn and was taught to me by Grand-Master Tan Soew Theng in Malaysia.

DVD’s will be available at £20 and staffs (by order) at £15. Staff are rattan and slightly flexible rather than stiff hardwood Bo staff.



The days will run

  • 9.30 for 10am start
  • 10am to 12.30pm with a 10 minute break about 11.30am.
  • Lunch 12.30 to 1.30pm – lunch
  • 1.30pm to 4pm with a 10 minute break about 2.45pm



The cost per day will be £40 per person (Kai-Ming members) £60 (non-members)

This includes refreshments. Please provide your own lunch.

Payment due by the 7th July. Payments after this date will incurr a £10 per day surcharge. Any payments made on the
weekend are CASH ONLY


Payment options

You can pay £40/£60 per day by cash or cheque to 'Kai Ming Martial Arts Association' and post to Mark Peters, 3 Middleton Hall road, Birmingham B30 1AB

or you can pay £45/£65 per day via paypal below

Choose Days


for more details and to book please contact us


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Location Weoley Hill Village Hall, Weoley Hill, Bournville. B29 4AR
There are plenty of local B&B's and hotels so please do ask for details.


Advanced training dates released for 2018

January 14th
February 11th
March 18th
April 15th
May 13th
June 3rd




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