Bournville Tai Chi


Bournville Tai Chi Class


Monday 7.30pm Beginners

Weoley Hill Village Hall, Weoley Hill, Bournville, Birmingham. B29 4AR


Weoley Hill Village Hall


Bournville Tai Chi


Welcome to our Bournville Tai Chi class. My name is Tony Rose and I’m one of the instructors for Kai Ming Association for Tai Chi Chuan. The ethos of our class at Bournville is to be very friendly and welcoming and to learn and teach Tai Chi in a way that gives our students what they want.

There are three aspects to the way we look at Tai Chi. There is the mental or spiritual side; the physical side; and there is also martial/self-defence aspects. We aim to fulfil these three objectives.


For the mental side we address the stresses which everybody has inside them and carry with them. Through encouraging mindful practise, we guide our students to focus internally to attain a sense of wellbeing. We aim to have everyone leave our class with a peaceful state of mind.


We address the physical aspect through Tai Chi and Qigong movements which allow us to free our joints improve our mobility and balance, giving us the confidence that we can carry our body without the fear of falling over or being unbalanced. By allowing the joints and muscles to relax, we can prevent or reduce the wear and tear on them. This can help to make it easier for us to move around without the aches and pains, strains, and stresses we endure on a daily basis.


Tai Chi Chuan is also a martial art which is performed very slowly but just the same it is a martial art, so for those of you who are interested in seeing the practical applications, rest assured that we include these in our classes so you can have first-hand experience in these. We believe that we have something for everybody and for everybody’s taste.


By all means, come and have a look or a chat, all are welcome. Hopefully, we shall see you in the future my best wishes to you all.


Our Bournville Tai Chi class is ideally situated fo:

Tai Chi in Cotteridge

Tai Chi in Selly Oak

Tai Chi in Northfield

Tai Chi in Quinton

Tai Chi in Kings Heath

Tai Chi in Harborne

Tai Chi in Selly Park

Tai Chi in Kings Norton

and surrounding areas



Advanced training dates released for 2022



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